Project Management

Contract Administration

In some cases particularly on larger schemes clients require project management. The process will consist of the following:-


At this stage a Specification and Schedule of Works including preliminaries in line with JCT form of contract is prepared, these details are sent with an Invitation to Tender to a small number of contractors. These documents detail the terms and conditions of the contract and the quality of workmanship and materials. They also list each main work item to be included in the Contract.

The Schedule of Works permits the Contractor to price each item, ensuring that as far as is reasonably possible, all items required to complete the works are covered. The use of the Schedule of Works also ensures that there is parity of tendering with all pricing by Contractors being calculated on a like-for-like basis.

Tender Analysis and appointment of Contractor

Having hopefully obtained a tender which is within the budget price we will then draw up Contract Documents that formalise the agreement between the Client and the Contractor.

Construction Phase

Once the Contractor makes a start on site, we will make periodic visits to inspect the works to ensure that they are being carried out in accordance with the Contract Documents. During the contract period they will carry out the routine Contract Administration, this means providing the client with monthly valuations of the work carried out to date, so that the client can pay the contractor. We also deal with any queries from the Contractor, the Building Inspector or other interested parties.


Upon completion of the works we will collate all of the necessary O&M manuals with the contractor and have an onsite meeting to go through all of the systems, processes and documentation before issuing the Certificate of Practical Completion.


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