Planning Permission

Planning Permission Services in Essex

Planning looks at the appearance of your proposal, and if a minor Planning Application is required it will take approximately 8 weeks for the planning department to issue you with a decision. The 8 weeks will commence from the date the Council receive payment.

Your development may come under Permitted Development rights which means you will not require planning consent provided certain conditions are met, however we always recommend that an Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness is applied for, this is a tick box exercise where the Council will assess our plans for compliance. If agreed they will issue you the certificate which is evidence that Planning Permission is not required. This is always useful when selling the property or if the projects lawfulness is questioned. It is particularly more important now as although the rules should be consentient across the county, many authorities have different views and interpretations of what the rules mean. Having dealt with many local authorities we can deal with this process on your behalf.

For more information please refer to the Planning Portal website at www.planningportal.gov.uk

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